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Westland Gazelle HCC.4 Royal Air Force XW855
 As preserved at RAF Museum Hendon. [AUGUST 2011]
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T-6G Harvard Israel Defence Force - Air Force 1948 1113
 "Heyl Ha'Avir, 35th Squadron, 1948".
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Airbus A380-841 Thai Airways International HS-TUA
 "2010s" colors. Named 'Si Rattana'
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British Aerospace Company Hawk T.1A Red Arrows XX264
 "RAF Aerobatic Team 'The Red Arrows', Scampton, Lincs, 2005".
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Grumman E-2C Hawkeye United States Navy 602-AB
 USS TEODORE ROOSEVELT VAW-123 Aircraft Carrier Based Pacific Fleet.

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Transocean Air Lines
Transocean Air Lines

Transocean Air Lines was an Oakland, California based airline that operated from 1946 until 1960.

At its height the Transocean organization included ten companies, making it the first aviation conglomerate. The airline itself employed 1,500 persons. Including the personnel of its subsidiary companies, the total number exceeded 6,700. Transocean’s gross annual sales climbed as high as $50 million.

By April 1958, after 12 years of business, Transocean’s aircraft had flown a total of 1,290,966,900 passenger miles, 126,990,642 cargo ton-miles, and 66,828,237 aircraft miles – the equivalent of more than 135 round-trips to the moon!

Transocean Air Lines became the largest supplemental air carrier in the world, employing at its peak over 6,700 workers at some 57 bases around the globe.

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